Music Note



Jaian Mascotto known as JaianMusic is a digital content creator. He produces music on YouTube (Rap, Anime Music & Game Music). He is also a freelance composer, certified sound engineer, sound designer, and artist who developed a following through his works.

His productions consist of podcasts, covers, remixes, compositions, and demo reels. He has composed for dance shows and sound designed for short films as well as produced eps and albums. He has also interned at Ère Prod an audiovisual company in Nancy, France.

His successes include being a two-time Indi contest fan favorite in a Rap and Voice Over Contest. Ranking #1 nationally in the Reverbnation rap charts. Having his cover of the Death Note Opening receive high praise in an article on Being a guest at the Montreal YouTube Pop-up Space. And being featured as a YouTube Talent in a Glue Magazine Article as well as being interviewed on radio stations.

Jaian creates Hip-Hop with his project Lunatic Rappers. Moreover, he is the sole founder of a Chiptune, and Electroacoustic music project entitled Chip Machine. He also hosts and edits his podcast Anime Podcasters. Additionally, he is the sound designer, mixer, and lead voice actor for Get Back Here Hotshot.


His education includes a Music Industry Arts College Diploma (Algonquin College, 2015). A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electroacoustic Studies (Concordia University, 2019). And a Graduate Diploma in Film Music (UQAM, 2020).

He currently resides in Montreal, Quebec where he worked as a studio assistant at Planet Studios. There he was a recording engineer for songs on La Voix Chante, the 2020 album for the hit television show La Voix Quebec. He was also an assistant for Corneille during his recording sessions at the studio and participated in the production of the TV show En Studio with Marc Dupré.


He currently works as a location sound recordist at CBC for shows such as L'épicerie. Furthermore, he works as a post-production audio editor at Audio Z. He also works as a freelance producer, sound designer, composer, voice-over artist, and musician. Lastly, he remains active on his channel with his projects.