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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I deliver my files?

The best would be to start from where you left off. Please provide any stems or multi-tracks in an organized fashion. As for effects, you can provide both wet and dry versions of your tracks.


How can I deliver my files?

Use any preferred computer file transfer services such as Wetransfer or Dropbox.

If your file is too large, I have a Google Drive folder that can hold bigger projects.


How many revisions can I get?

I do not limit the number of revisions because I want you to be happy with the final

result. Thus, I will make the necessary revisions within reason to get your audio project

where it needs to be.


What genres do you specialize in?

With a bachelor’s degree in electroacoustic studies, I specialize in synth-based and electronic

music composition. I have, however, composed in other genres such as orchestral music, and



What compositional tools do you use?

I use Omnisphere, the Arturia V Collection, Max Msp, Voltage Modular, BBC Orchestra,

and Native Instruments.


What Digital Audio Workstations do you use?

I use Pro Tools and Reaper.


What mixing plugins do you use?

Plugins from Sound Toys, Fab Filter, Izotope, Valhalla, Acustica, Oeksound, and Hornet Plugins.

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