Frequently Asked Questions

How should I deliver my files?

The best would be to start from where you left off. Please provide any stems or multi-tracks in an organized fashion. As for effects, you can provide both wet and dry versions of your tracks.


How can I deliver my files?

Using any of your preferred computer file transfer services such as Wetransfer or Dropbox.

If your file is too large, we have a Google Drive folder that can hold bigger projects.


How many revisions can I get?

We do not limit the number of revisions because we want you to be happy with the final

result. Thus, we will do the necessary revisions within reason to get your audio project

where it needs to be.


What genres do you specialize in?

With a bachelor’s degree in electroacoustic studies, JaianMusic specializes in synth-based

and electronic music composition. He has, however, composed in other genres such as

Orchestral music, and Hip-Hop.


What compositional tools do you use?

JaianMusic uses Omnisphere, the Arturia V Collection, Max Msp, Voltage Modular, BBC Orchestra,

and Native Instruments.


What Digital Audio Workstations do you use?

JaianMusic uses Pro Tools and Reaper.


What mixing plugins do you use?

JaianMusic uses plugins from Sound Toys, Fab Filter, Izotope, Valhalla, Acustica, Oeksound, and Hornet Plugins.

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