Chip Machine

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Chip Machine is a Chiptune that later evolved into an Electroacoustic music project that began in 2014. ​The project's first track was a demo called Surge Charger. Following this, in July 2015 it released an 8-bit self-titled album with tracks such as Speedster and Exploration.

In September 2015 Chip Machine released its first

music video Lead The Way. Chip Machine then went on

to release a second music video for Speedster and then

on hiatus for several years.

Until a surprise return in April 2018. This surprise was

a Pokemon cover song album: Chiptune I Choose You!

​Soon after in August of 2018 Chip Machine released an

extended play that combined Electroacoustic and

Chiptune music: Electroacouschip.

During the summer of 2019 Chip Machine released

another extended-play: Laptop Orchestra. With a

total of five songs, it was inspired by Jaian’s

experience as a member of CLOrk.

​In April of 2020, the project then released: Modular Mess! as a single and precursor for The Sound Painter a collaborative full-length album between Chip Machine and Acaci. The record came out in October 2020 and was a collection of Electroacoustic compositions that vary with other sub-genres of Experimental music.

In 2021, Dronecast a podcast created by Chip Machine. was released Each episode features an hour-long musical drone. The source material varies from modular synthesizer recordings, ambiances, and virtual instruments synthesis.

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Lunatic Rappers

Lunatic Rappers is a rap group that Jaian (known as Cayodee for this project) and ACR (African Canadian Rapper) began in 2014. The first track that the duo released was The Clan. Later on that year that same track won them first place in a rap competition hosted on


Rap Asylum their debut album was released in

November 2014 which totaled 9 songs. The album
had a beatmaker: GivBeats produced the
instrumental for  Gravity. Otherwise known as 
UnderGod, he would, later on, join the project as a
vocalist and sole beat maker. 


UnderGod brought a new life to the project and with a lot of effort, the trio released Above And Beyond in August 2015. The EP was more Trap oriented. It totaled five songs including a remake of Gravity, three originals, and a solo ACR track.


Trú their full length was then released on August 24th, 2017. It possessed a mellow and room-based sonic structure.
Following this, they went back into the studio in
December 2017. One year later in December 2018,
they released a new single called The Return.
This song turned out to be the title of the EP
that was released in February 2019. They also
released a remastered EP in August 2019 
Above And Beyond (Remastered).



In May of 2020, they released a single entitled Worldwide as part of their next release that is currently being produced.

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Anime Podcasters is a podcast created, hosted and

edited by JaianMusic. It is also hosted by Hotshot

Ginger. The artwork is by GoProKyo. The first episode on 

Naruto came out in June 2015.

The podcast covers a variety of anime topics such as series,

characters, arcs, what-if scenarios, and more. A single episode varies from a forty-minute to an hour-long. 

Structurally the podcast is a loose discussion where

JaianMusic and Hotshot Ginger list off and banter about

anime in a fun conversation. The dynamic between the

two varies from humorous to confrontational.


Occasionally, there will be guests on the podcast. These include previous hosts such as GoProKyo. However, the typical episode only features JaianMusic and Hotshot Ginger.

Episodes are released twice a month and are

streamable on ItunesSoundcloudGoogle Play,

YouTube, Spotify, and more. There are already many

hours available for streaming with over eighty episodes on

those platforms. Topics include Naruto, DBZ, and more. Lastly, you can interact with the podcast by leaving a review or voice mail.


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Anime Podcasters

Get Back Here Hotshot

Get Back Here Hotshot is a four-episode, comedy audio play created by JaianMusic, Hotshot, and GoProKyo. The first episode was released on YouTube in January 2021. It follows the ridiculous

tale of Jaian and his podcast co-host Hotshot.


In this series, Jaian is insanely obsessed

with the success of their podcast and Hotshot

could not care less. This illogical chemistry

forces Hotshot through a torturous four-episode run.

He attempts to survive Jaian’s idiotic ideas that

are always to his detriment. Jaian’s only goal is to better

their podcast. From, getting fired to filing a restraining order against Jaian, Hotshot will do anything to get out of the insanity that is Jaian’s ideas. The series is a wild ride full of ups and downs that will entertain you.

The production team includes JaianMusic as a lead voice actor, director, sound designer, scriptwriter, and mixer. GoProKyo as a voice actor and artist. And Hotshot as a lead voice actor. There are also other special guests who voice act minor roles.

All of the episodes are also available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and many other podcast platforms.

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