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Anime Podcasters

Anime Podcasters is a podcast created, hosted, audio

and video edited, mixed, mastered, and produced by 

JaianMusic. It is also hosted by Hotshot Ginger. It is

co-hosted and assisted by Murel. Lastly, all of the artwork

is managed by GoProKyo who occasionally co-hosts as well.

The show has been in production and regularly releasing

episodes since 2015.

The podcast covers a variety of anime topics such as

series, movies, characters, arcs, what-if scenarios, and

more. A single episode varies from thirty minutes to an

hour. Video versions are available on YouTube.

Structurally the podcast is a loose and open discussion

where the hosts list off and banter about their favorite 

anime in a fun conversation. The dynamic varies from

informative to humorous. There are different types of

episodes such as Koalacasts, which are always



Occasionally, there will be guests on the podcast who bring

in their own perspectives on the anime universe. Topics from

those episodes include anime gaming, music,

recommendations, and more. However, the typical episode

only features the main hosts with their co-host.

Episodes are released twice a month and are streamable on

all podcast platforms. There are already many hours

available for streaming with over one hundred episodes

released. Topics include Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero

Academia, One Punch Man, and more.  You can also interact

with the podcast by leaving a review or voice mail.


Sound Space

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Sound Space is a podcast with monthly episodes where co-hosts Anthony and Jaian interview guests of the audio and music industry. Every episode, they introduce a new guest and dive into their beginnings current participation and contributions to the world of sound.


The podcast presents listeners with stories and

experiences from musicians, producers, audio

engineers, sound designers, and more, within the

industry. It's a space to learn about sound

professionals as well as provide audiences with

knowledge about the trade’s happenings and

hopefully, inspire future audio enthusiasts to join

the field.

It is edited by both Anthony, and Jaian, mixed and mastered by Jaian, and the music composition is by Anthony.

Chip Machine Dronecast

The Chip Machine Dronecast is a drone music podcast associated to JaianMusic's electroacoustic music project Chip Machine. Each episode features an hour-long musical drone and was released monthly during 2021.


The source material of each composition

varies from modular synthesizer recordings,

ambiances, and virtual instruments

synthesis. The entire project is composed,

edited, mixed, and mastered by JaianMusic.

This podcast is currently on hiatus. However,

there are six episodes available in video

version on YouTube and Facebook. There are

also audio versions on all podcast platforms.


Cowboy Bebop Live Action Update

The Cowboy Live Action Update was podcast series with updates on the Cowboy Bebop Live-Action that came out on Netflix in 2021. It was hosted by GoProKyo and JaianMusic. It was also

produced, edited, mixed and mastered by


Every episode brought you news updates on

the latest happening in the developments of

the series. The podcast ran for a total of

eleven episodes. Once the live action came

out the production of the podcast was


All episodes are still available for streaming on podcast distribution platforms and YouTube.

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