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Vocal Pitch Correction: 140$ per 50 words
Mastering: 75$ per song
- Requires your stems or stereo mix.

Mixing: Minimum of 100$ per song
- Requires your multi-tracks.

Mixing and Mastering package: 150$ per song

- Requires your multi-tracks.


Project Dependent Services:
Rapping, Audio Restoration, Sound
Design, Composition, Dialogue, and 

Podcast Editing.

Turn Around Time:

The product is turned over to the client within 48 hours with rapping or vocal pitch correction. Mastering

is turned over to the client in a maximum of 72 hours. Everything composition-related will be variable

on the needs of the project. However, typically it will be finished within five days. For mixing the

turnover time is a maximum of four days. Sound Design, Audio Restoration,

Dialogue & Podcast Editing turnover time is entirely project-dependent.

File Formats:

Projects can be sent in the following formats 3GP Audio, 3GPP-2 Audio, AAC ADTS,

AIFF, CAF, FLAC, m4a, mp3, mp4, Ogg, and wave. Furthermore, files can be presented

as mono, or stereo depending on the client's desires.

Additional Detail:

If you would like to provide additional detail in order for your project to be

better prepared, you can fill out the following form. There is also a

possibility for your files to be backed up for three months after your

project is delivered at the cost of an additional fee.


Important Notes:

Rates may vary depending on the length of the piece(s), complexity, difficulty, style,

and desired turnover time. Also, location sound recording services are not currently



Jaian can only accept PayPal as a payment method.

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