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Vocal Pitch Correction: 140$ per 50 words
Mastering: 75$ per song
- Requires your stems or stereo mix.

Mixing: Minimum of 100$ per song
- Requires your multi-tracks.

Mixing and Mastering package: 150$ per song

- Requires your multi-tracks.


Project Dependent Services:
Rapping, Audio Restoration, Sound
Design, Composition, Dialogue, and 

Podcast Editing.

Turn Around Time:

The product is turned over to the client within 48 hours with rapping or vocal pitch correction. Mastering

is turned over to the client in a maximum of 72 hours. Everything composition-related will be variable

on the needs of the project. However, typically it will be finished within five days. For mixing the

turnover time is a maximum of four days. Sound Design, Audio Restoration,

Dialogue & Podcast Editing turnover time is entirely project-dependent.

File Formats:

Projects can be sent in the following formats 3GP Audio, 3GPP-2 Audio, AAC ADTS,

AIFF, CAF, FLAC, m4a, mp3, mp4, Ogg, and wave. Furthermore, files can be presented

as mono, or stereo depending on the client's desires.

Additional Detail:

If you would like to provide additional details for your project to be

better prepared, you can fill out the following form. There is also a

possibility for your files to be backed up for three months after your

project is delivered at the cost of an additional fee.


Important Notes:

Rates may vary depending on the length of the piece(s), complexity, difficulty, style,

and desired turnover time. Also, location sound recording services are not currently

offered. Moreover, if revisions surpass a reasonable threshold, an additional fee

will be applied, commensurate with the additional workload incurred.


Jaian can only accept PayPal as a payment method.

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