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Chippy Mixing

Chip Machine

Chip Machine is a Chiptune that later evolved into an Experimental music project. ​The project's first track was a demo called Surge Charger. Following this, it released an 8-bit self-titled album with tracks such as Speedster and Exploration.


There were then two music videos one for Lead The

Way and the other for Speedster. The project then 

went on hiatus for several years. Until a surprise return

in 2018. This surprise was a Pokemon cover song album:

Chiptune I Choose You!

That same year Chip Machine released an EP that combined Electroacoustic and Chiptune music: Electroacouschip.


One year later the project put out another extended play

Laptop Orchestra. With a total of five songs, it was

inspired by Jaian’s experience as a member of CLOrk.

​In 2020, the project then released: Modular Mess! as

a single and precursor for The Sound Painter a

collaborative full-length album between Chip Machine

and Acaci. It was a collection of electroacoustic

compositions that vary with other sub-genres of Experimental music.

In 2021, Dronecast a podcast created by Chip Machine was released. Each episode features an hour-long musical drone. The podcast was put on hold after six episodes. Chip Machine then released a single titled Thereminator and an album titled Spectrogram Ghosts.

The following year (2022), Chip Machine published a brand new ep whose music was algorithmically generated. This was Art by the Machine. And an Ep called 5 days. Furthermore, in 2023 The Electroacoustic Album was released.

Chippy Jump
Happy Chippy

Lunatic Rappers

Lunatic Rappers is a rap group that Jaian (known as Cayodee for this project) and ACR began in 2014. The first track that the duo released was The Clan. Later on that year, that same track won them first place in a rap competition hosted on


Rap Asylum their debut album was released in

November 2014. The album had a beatmaker: 

GivBeats for  Gravity. Otherwise known as 

UnderGod, he would, later on, join the project as a
vocalist and sole beat maker. 

UnderGod brought a new life to the project and with a lot of effort, the trio released Above And Beyond in August 2015. This  EP totaled five songs including a remake of Gravity, three originals, and a solo ACR track.


Trú their full length was then released on August 24th, 2017. It possessed a mellow and room-based sonic structure.
Following this, they went back into the studio in
December 2017. One year later in December 2018,
they released a new single called The Return.
This song turned out to be the title of the EP
that was released in February 2019. They also
released a remastered EP in August 2019 
Above And Beyond (Remastered).

In May 2020, they released a single entitled Worldwide as part of the newest EP Rise From The Fire, which came out in July 2021. The Ep had four original tracks and two remixes.

Lunatic Rappers - The Return
Rise From The Fire 3000x3000.jpg
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